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Privacy Policy

Parents, guardians, and teachers, please feel free to reach out to STEM Academy at any time to discuss potential collaborations, or the details of ongoing mentorship. If at any time you have questions or concerns, please email us at

To keep updated on our organization and to receive access to opportunities, collaborations, resources, and more, please join our Online Portal via request. After you join the portal, we will add you by email to the parents and teachers group. If you are not added to the parents and teachers group within one week of joining our Online Portal, please reach out to us via email and submit a request.

Safety and Security

We are committed to safety in education. 

STEM Academy maintains a steadfast commitment to safety, security, and opportunity of all parties involved with mentorship.

In fulfilling this commitment, SA requires all registered mentors to complete a thorough third-party background check. All mentors agree to a legally-vetted Code of Conduct, and are asked to sign additional agreements when necessary. All mentors are also required to participate in and pass a two-part mentor training and orientation process. 

STEM Academy prohibits one-on-one interactions between mentors and mentees, during both in-person and virtual mentorship, unless expressly authorized by parents/guardians or teachers or, in the case of in-person mentorship, occurring in an open public space both readily visible and occupied by other individuals.

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