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STEM Academy offers numerous services to schools and organizations, including Activity-Based Mentorship, Community STEAM Nights, Reusable STEAM Kits, and supplementary projects. Learn more about these services below!

Our work would not be possible without our incredible undergraduate students, who are of diverse backgrounds and have a passion for STEM. If you are interested in mentoring, leading, and creating the next generation of STEM students, click the Volunteer button below!

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Our Services

Activity-Based Mentorship

  • Mentors lead STEAM enrichment activities in the classroom environment.
  • Past activities have ranged from constructing a tower from marshmallows and toothpicks to creating invisible ink from lemon juice.
  • These activities utilize curriculum materials which are designed by STEM Academy and aligned with North Carolina Department of Public Instruction standards, particularly the NCSCOS.
  • Before and during the semester, STEM Academy representatives will regularly communicate with school administrators and teachers to tailor activities to student and community cultures, identities, and needs, when possible.
  • Mentorship sessions can occur in either virtual or in-person format.

Community STEAM Nights

  • STEM Academy organizes a three-hour evening event bringing together families, mentors, and community members for interactive STEM activities, social events, and assorted opportunities for parent/guardian engagement. 
  • This event can be in-person or virtual.

Reusable STEAM Kits

  • This Enrichment Add-On includes 20 reusable kits (20 total activities) with assembled supplies, instructions, and matching curriculum, which will be created and delivered by STEM Academy.
  • An example of one STEAM Kit activity is "Earthquake Engineering." In this lesson, students' teamwork and creativity are put to the test as they design and build structures that can withstand an “earthquake.”

Supplementary Enrichment/Beta Projects

STEM Academy is actively developing and testing new enrichment projects. Current projects in development include SAFE Social Spaces, 100 Speakers Series, and Pop-up STEM Hubs.

If your school or organization desires a specific STEM project or form of mentorship, contact us about designing it!

Why Mentor with STEM Academy?

​Student mentors are primarily eligible to receive volunteer hours and the ability to list their participation within the program on resumes and applications. Moreover, student mentors are able to connect with other mentors of high school and college-age from around the state, and, of course, develop relationships with their student mentees. Finally, student mentors can apply for leadership positions within the organization, and receive prizes based on their participation in mentorship and fundraising drives.

STEM Academy strives to provide an enriching experience for mentors beyond mentorship programs . Such benefits include professional networking opportunities, enrichment events and training, being a part of speaker series with STEM professionals, creating access to opportunities across the state, and having access to the STEM Academy resource library. 


How to Become a Mentor?


Fill out the Mentor Registration Form below.

Step Two

You will soon receive a text message from STEM Academy confirming your interest.

STEP Three

  Sign up for a time on Calendly, STEM Academy will conduct training sessions in small groups. 

STep Four

Attend one live mentorship training session, a specialized asynchronous training session, and sign our Code of Conduct (if you are under 18, a parent/guardian must co-sign).

STep Four

After training is complete, you will have full access to all STEM Academy resources, partnerships, and mentoring opportunities via our online platform.

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